Not What I Call Bonk Wave - Volume 002 -Disc B

Play 02 Play 02 Schrödinger's Bonk 4:14
Play 03 Play 03 Grayscale 5:01
Play 05 Play 05 ion 2:22
Play 08 Play 08 Dysclosure 4:35
Play 09 Play 09 Stranger Weather 2:00
Play 10 Play 10 Onkb 7:15
Play 11 Play 11 Honeymoon Killer 4:06

Not What I Call Bonk Wave
Volume 002
Bonkwave Nights
Disc B

A compilation of Electronic Music which is or is not #BonkWave only this time it's night time

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible, especially all of the artists who gave of their creativity and time so that we could explore the Bonk together.

Perhaps if you dig a particular sound or track, maybe consider supporting the artists directly, especially on a BandCamp Friday.

For individual track details and artist links, please see the track notes

You may notice some tracks are missing from the compilations - we are awaiting responses from the artists to make sure we get their full permission.


  1. Ether Diver y ArtFED - Long Distance Transmission
  2. Astrogenic Hallucinauting - An Assembly Of Micro Moments
  3. AxWax - Schrödinger's Bonk
  4. Ordos Mk.0 - Grayscale
  5. Key 13 - IBM (Intelligent Bonk Music)
  6. socool - ion
  7. Hy Vyb - Standing at the bar in Jesters, wearing sunglasses and greatcoats, drinking cocktails, high on cheap speed.
  8. Joa Gymshoe - COOKIES BMC x JGs BONKERS RMX
  9. Consider The Octopus - Fugue State
  10. Tart Of Noise - Dysclosure
  11. Flock Of Nazguls - Stranger Weather
  12. Yoni Den - Onkb
  13. pdp8 - Honeymoon Killer
  14. Joan & John Bonkwaffen - Need To Bonk

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